Tongue Fu


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If words are at the heart of Tongue Fu, music must be in the hips. And the feet. And the butt. Music leads, follows and flows. It’s a river. Everybody likes a river; you can paddle, bathe, go white water rafting, or fishing.


The Tongue Fu Band has three key players – Riaan Vosloo on bass, Arthur Lea on keys and Patrick Davey on drums. There is also a wider circle of players who dip in and out depending on availability, the gig, and sometimes just to keep things fresh. The collective credits of all the musicians includes Nostalgia 77, UNKLE, Massive Attack, Mumford and Sons, Jill Scott, Baba Maal to name a few. We’re very lucky.



The breadth of experience the players bring means the music can go pretty much anywhere; modal jazz soundscapes; 80’s TV quiz show themes; klezmer; rockabilly; hip hop; it’s what makes the show so unpredictable.