Tongue Fu


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“The best poetry night in London”


At the heart of Tongue Fu there is a love of words: a fascination with how they sound, what they mean, and what effect they might have when they’re offered up to a room full of people and blown around like smoke, or feathers.


Performers have just a few seconds on stage to suggest to the band the mood, style and tempo of their piece, before the band and VJs conjure  something up, and everyone flies by the seat of their pants.  Spoken Word is the only element that is crafted before the show, so it’s imperative that in order for the experiment to be fruitful, the words must be well-considered.  We aim to bring the best in established and emerging writing talent to the stage.

The UK spoken word scene is a slippery fish; a growing and vibrant culture which somehow manages to integrate an abundance of styles, cultures and influences, from literature, music, storytelling, comedy, theatre and debate.  At Tongue Fu we aim to reflect and explore this diversity; to shake it all up; push ideas together that might not otherwise have met.  It’s not always comfortable, but it’s always compelling.